What Music or Lyrics Make You Tune in or Out???

Often times we hear an artist not knowing who it is. Yet we can relate to it, either with how we feel or with the events that may be coinciding in our lives at that particular moment. Does that make us tune in to the music and make us like that song, or is it the beat of the music or the voice of the artist?

After hearing Adele, or her album , titled, Adele 21. I soon had to find out the name of the artist as well as the album name, as it was a different style of music- yet she possesses a phenomenal voice, that spoke of love, love lost and being happy for others finding love.

The music almost spoke to me of hurt, love and moving forward. Which is something I feel everyone can relate to. After listening to the entire CD, after purchasing for only 1 song, I soon fell in love with all the songs as well as the entire album.

It only goes to show you that even if you are a singer, they too face the same problems as we people do also. It has nothing to do with class or how much money you make or what your job may be, big or small in a company. We are all able to get hurt. Your social status doesn’t matter.

With this CD purchase, it is an acoustic version which is phenomenal.

Her voice is just amazing, the words are very empowering and it just speaks to your soul as well as your heart.

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