Uploading Music for Exposure

New musicians often find it very hard to get noticed by the music industry. These days it’s not good enough to send a demo tape or CD over to a record label. Most of these go unopened and often returned to the sender. These days, music labels are looking to sign new musicians after discovering them through social network based sites.

Sites like Miami based YourListen, a free audio file sharing websites which helps to promote new musicians via their free music upload service, are finding that their business is booming, thanks to new musicians who are posting their tunes in order to get discovered by record labels. It is becoming more and more common for musicians to get found and signed as a result of directly uploading their tracks to services like YourListen as record label executives are using these resources to scout out up and coming artists.

In addition to helping find that ideal record contract, such sites have benefit to musicians who are looking to develop a more diverse fan base. As they have embed facilities, where by a musician can upload their file for free hosting and then embed the music player directly from the network right onto their own websites or social network profiles. Additionally, musicians are finding that their tracks are appearing on recommended lists for other users. This realy helps to develop a strong and lasting fan base. Recording artists which use such services report of great record sales directly from their network fans once their tracks are released. 

These days, there is no excuse for a musician to not be noticed and discovered, if they really want to be. The new media age has provided some excellent new options in which musicians can promote themselves and get discovered.

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