The Type of Music You Listen to Can Alleviate Depression

I have always preached that balance is key in all areas of life. This is also true in the area of the type of music we choose to listen to. Usually most of us are used to listening to a particular type of music but we are still depressed. Anything that does not alleviate depression is probably not good for it either. I have come to realize that as a Christian…listening to all Christian music is good but too excessive. With my discovery I opened my mind to other types of music that do not disturb my believes and I assure that my mind has been so relaxed and free since then.

Most of us are used to listening to particular types of music and it has become a lifestyle and routine. One thing that is bad for depression is routines. Routines are boring and slow. I want to encourage you to try a different styles of music that doesn’t conflict with your faith or believe. You can do this. For example, if you are used to listening to all Christian music like me…try love songs or jazz …these music are pure lyrically but they give you a different feeling. They stimulate the mind causing excitement in your heart and brain.

The types of music we choose to listen to is also vital…if you are an all time Jesus freak like me …try different types and genres of Christian music. There are a lot out there. You could also try the genre soul. If you are a rocker also like myself you could try the pop genre or even different types of rock. The goal is to feel better. Feeling better entails leaving your box. Trying new things, as you test to see if you enjoy them is very healthy mentally.

Life is full of diversity. Do not let anyone box you in or even worse box yourself in. You can explore. You can have fun. You can live your life the right way without being too bored. You are blessed with life so take advantage of what it has to offer. Depression is just a zap away and all you need to do is live without doing the wrong thing but trying new things and experiencing various art forms like music.

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