The Music of a Summer Storm

Season tickets to the most magnificent concerts in the world are a perk for a citizen of Florida like me. Every summer afternoon as the skies darken, I hurry eagerly to my front row seat as the rain drops begin a gentle prelude on the roof above. The breezes freshen, the heavy curtains of sky open, and my heart soars with excitement as I watch the majestic story unfold – a story of love and provision from the Creator.

The staccato tap-dance of rain on the roof picks up speed. Lightening splits the sky in a brilliant downward stroke, conducting the thunder to a rolling crescendo. Rain flows off the edge of the roof. Coming in from behind, the winds blow more rain, first from one direction, then from another. I soak up the energy of the storm the way the earth soaks in the life-giving drops. The power of the storm abates and the sounds soften to a gentle patter as the earth applauds, the heavens providing a fresh proof of the glories of the Lord.

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