The Gospel Music Channel – Family Friendly Shows, Movies & More

The Gospel Music Channel can be seen on DirecTV on channel 338. It is considered to be a very family friendly station. There is never a need to wonder if anything inappropriate will ever be shown. It has various movies and shows daily that can be seen with the entire family. This station only airs good quality shows. The basis for this station is founded on a strong, Christian foundation.

Every Friday night is family movie night on the Gospel Music Channel. This weekend, the movie called Flipper will be shown. The movies on Friday nights usually have something to do with an animal, and the theme is interesting and fascinating for children and adults as well. Flipper is about a dolphin and it is a comedy. Other GMC movies are Miles from NoWhere, A River Runs Through it, and the Wiz, a musical, just to name a few. Other movies consist of the Promised Land, Judgment and Tribulation.

Some of the daily shows consist of Amen, (starring Clifton Davis) Sister Sister, Doc, (starring Billy Ray Cyrus), Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman with Jane Seymour and Sue Thomas FB Eye which is a true story of a deaf woman who worked for the FBI. She was very valuable because she was able to read lips. Again, all these programs are clean cut and appropriate for all ages.

On the website,, the home page displays current news of what is going on in the Christian world. There are also current album reviews of famous Christian artists. They also post interviews of the artists and have a list of the current featured artists. On the current list is Natalie Grant, Melinda Watts, and Amy Grant just to name a few. There is also a section of videos where you can see and hear your favorite artist’s song or songs. The website also contains current news and blogs of artists.

You can also shop online on the Gospel Music Channel. You can purchase items such as CD’s, apparel and movies. You can also listen to music online. For more information on the shows, movies, videos, etc. visit If you haven’t tuned in to this channel yet, I encourage you to do so. There is something for everyone.

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