How to Get Free Music from YouTube

First to do this you will need to download a program called Mactubes. You can do this by searching it in Google and then going to the page and downloading it.

After you have this software:

1. Open Mactubes

2. Type the exact name of the video you want in the search bar.

3. Double click on the video you want and it should come into a new window.

4. In the bottom right there should be a gear icon.

5. Click it and select download, and download the video as a MP4 file. Once its done the file should show up on your desktop.

7. Now open iMovie and click on the file tab at the top.

8. Click import and import the movie you downloaded. (if you can’t find it click the side bar icon with the desk top and it should be under that menu).

9. When it’s in iMovie drag it from the media section into the section that is for your project.

10. Go to the advanced and click on separate audio.

11. Delete the video and you will have the audio you want.

12. To get into iTunes drag the audio into your iTunes library or hit the share tab and choose iTunes.

If when you delete the video the audio disappears, press command Z, select the video, and move it to the right slightly and delete again.

Rare Musical Instruments: Make Your Own Diddley Bow

Few instruments are as important to modern American music yet as obscure as the diddley bow. Sitting on the very foundations of American music, this cheap, homemade instrument was the gateway to guitars for many influential blues artists, yet today, almost nobody can recognize one. Everyone should try, just once, to make and play a diddley bow, both as a tribute to the traditional African-American roots of today’s music, and as an experiment in simple acoustics.

The Diddley Bow

The diddley bow is an extremely simple instrument. Made with just string, a bottle, and a few nails attached to a piece of scrap lumber, this instrument allowed Southern African-American artists to demonstrate musical aptitude without the need for expensive instruments. Similar in design to many African instruments, it is technically a single stringed chordophone.

In essence, it is a piece of wire strung between two nails. A glass bottle is used as both the bridge and sound box, like a poor-but-simple resonator, and a slide of glass or pipe would be fitted over your finger to allow you to modulate the pitch. The wire string would be plucked, sending vibrations back to the bottle which would resonate. Sliding your slide up the string toward the bridge would raise the pitch, as would pressing down harder on the string, and you could reduce the pitch by doing the opposite.

Making Your Own

Making a diddley bow is extremely simple. All you need is a bottle, some wire, and a couple of nails. Detailed assembly instructions can be found at While you can add pickups to electrify your instrument, it isn’t necessary unless you plan to record with it. The diddley bow demonstrates all of the mathematics and skills of more complex instruments.

With students or summer camp kids, this can be a great project. Be sure to do the nailing yourself, but let them experiment with painting the stick, choosing the bottle, and of course, playing the instrument. Maybe, like the Mississippi blues forefathers of our music today, a few will discover a lasting musicality from this simple design.

The Music of a Summer Storm

Season tickets to the most magnificent concerts in the world are a perk for a citizen of Florida like me. Every summer afternoon as the skies darken, I hurry eagerly to my front row seat as the rain drops begin a gentle prelude on the roof above. The breezes freshen, the heavy curtains of sky open, and my heart soars with excitement as I watch the majestic story unfold – a story of love and provision from the Creator.

The staccato tap-dance of rain on the roof picks up speed. Lightening splits the sky in a brilliant downward stroke, conducting the thunder to a rolling crescendo. Rain flows off the edge of the roof. Coming in from behind, the winds blow more rain, first from one direction, then from another. I soak up the energy of the storm the way the earth soaks in the life-giving drops. The power of the storm abates and the sounds soften to a gentle patter as the earth applauds, the heavens providing a fresh proof of the glories of the Lord.

Nashville – Music City

Come and see the show that made country music famous, The Grand Ole’ Opry. The shows are every Friday and Saturday plus Tuesdays in March through December. Visitors to Music City will also find a city full of culture and history, natural beauty and pure Southern charm. It will leave a good impression on all who visit (

The General Jackson is the largest paddlewheel riverboat in the country! Four massive decks and a beautiful two-story Victorian theater offer a wide variety of entertainment options. Fun-filled lunch and dinner cruises feature delicious Southern menus and the best in live country music. Discover Tennessee’s rich history as you cruise the winding Cumberland River aboard the General Jackson Showboat in Nashville (

You can also visit the ancestral home of the eleventh president James K. Polk. The home has the original furnishings. New this year in spring 2009 is the Polk Presidental Hall Museum (

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum is the home to thousands of priceless artifacts that tell the story of America’s music. ( Discover some of the Opry’s greatest stars at the Grand Ole’ Opry Museum. Call ahead as the museum closes occassionally for events.

Tour the area known as Music Row and see RCA’s Historic Studio B, where Elvis recorded more than 200 hits. It is Nashville’s oldest surviving recording studio known as the cradle of the Nashville sound (

At the Music Valley Wax Museum, they have more than fifty country music stars dressed in authentic costumes (

I’ve never seen a shopping mall as big as Opry Mills Mall! It is the ultimate shopping adventure and family entertainment. They offer two hundred of the best names in retail (

At the Jack Daniel Distillery you can tour the oldest registered distillery in the U.S. to see first hand the special whisky-making process. Mr. Jack perfected it back in 1866 (

If you are a big Titans fan like I am then the L.P. football field is the place to go to watch the Tennessee Titans play! (

I am confident that everyone in the family can find something interesting to see or do in Nashville.

What to Do when Downloading Music Online

In our generation downloading music is not a problem. There is a large selection of websites which offer just about any type of music, so even if you prefer a specific genre of music the chances are you will be able to find music sites which can cater to your needs. I will give you some information on what not to do and what to do when you downloading music online.

Firstly, streaming and downloading are to different things. The first difference is when music is playing, you can listen to it as long as you are on the site which is streaming it. Unlike downloading, where you take of the song from the website and save it on your computer. Once this song is on your computer you are able to listen to it when and where you choose, also when you download you can play the songs on other devices other than the computer such as a phone, iPod, MP3 player etc. Clearly, downloading has much more potential and benefits than streaming and is more widely used. But streaming is a good option when you are listening to a song for the first-time and is deciding whether you want it or not.

When looking for music online most people try to do is get it for free. However, people doing this don’t take time to read the views and do their research on his site which they are downloading from. Many of these sites give its users problems, facing viruses and other suspicious software inside music fans causing the user to experience computer problems. This can be very dangerous, unwanted users can access a PC through these kinds of viruses and steel import information. That is why it is always best to legally buy music at reputable sites such as iTunes and Amazon. These sites offer virus free and the best quality MP3s available and has music for almost every genre that one could want.

In conclusion, the Internet is a very influential role in the way you download music today and can be both helpful and dangerous if not used well. That is why I’m telling you don’t go for the free way of it is best to legally download the music by buying it from reputable sites. Thank you.

Musical Tribute to the Princess of Pilfery – Lindsay Lohan

Step aside Charlie Sheen, it’s time for Lindsay Lohan’s weekly 15-minutes of fame.

Sung to the tune of, Swing Low Sweet Chariot”

Oh no, sweet Lindsay Lohan 
Judge is gonna put you away 
plea yes to all your charges 
’cause you’d rather steal than pay

She can’t control her urges 
mamma didn’t teach her too well 
it’s time to pay the piper 
from a crappy eight by ten cell

I looked over yonder and what did I see 
Lindsay Lohan stealing my car 
a band of policemen chased her down the street 
handcuffed her inside of Sid’s bar

Oh no, sweet Lindsay Lohan 
you have really screwed up your life 
Plea yes to all your charges 
‘fore big Bertha makes you her wife

Music as a Gateway to College

Perhaps you love the thrill of being on stage, the drama of that perfect intense song or just the thrill of being able to master a complicated set of notes. Yet you will have many guidance counselors tell you that music does not look as impressive to colleges, as say, AP Calculus. That may be true, but there are still many positive qualities colleges look for in applicants that can be learned in music programs. You can accent these on your college application or entrance essay. In many ways, music is more than your passion: it’s your ticket into college.


Do your best to work towards being first chair if you are in an instrument ensemble. Many music teachers count on the first chair to carry the section and tutor others in that section. This will show you can lead a whole section and help other students become better at their own music.

If this cannot be done, try starting your own quartet or ensemble. This is something to put on an application to say you had the leadership skills to start up something and see it to completion.


It takes a lot of work to become progressively better at your music. You can highlight your time working your way to progressively harder pieces. Make sure you enter music contests as well. Winning high awards shows your persistence in mastering a difficult song.


Playing music in front of a large crowd is not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of guts to get up in front of hundreds of people and still play like you did back in your room. There is that fear that you will screw up. It’s easy to be afraid that every single person in the audience showed up specifically to judge you. And if your audience is a contest judge, that critical eye is a very true reality. So let the bold side of you shine, because you earned it.

Smash Mouth: Good Music, Good Videos

Smash Mouth, a band from San Jose, California, became a band in 1994. Their name comes from a more traditional style of football offense, which often results in a higher time of possession. That is certainly what the band is doing, selling fans not only on original music, such as Walkin’ on the Sun and All Star, but revamps of other groups’ hits. Included in that segment are such songs as ‘I’m a Believer, done by The Monkees, I Wanna Be Like You, done by the Sherman Brothers, and The Beatles’ Getting Better.

The official Smash Mouth site, , is not active as of today. However, the band is active, on tour, and their My Space site indicates fans are expecting an album to be released this year.

How to Play Musical Pillows

Musical chairs can be a popular game at parties or fairs. However, you can definitely change small things to make the game different.

Instead of musical chairs, why not play musical pillows?

There are different ways of playing musical pillows.

You can get pillows that are for sitting. If you have a big enough bed that is not against a wall, lay one less pillow than the participants in the game on the bed. Play just like you would musical chairs – walk as music or sound plays and people must sit as the music or sounds stop, but make sure people must sit on the pillows. If a person is not completely on a pillow, then another person can still sit on it if the majority of the pillow is showing. Once a person is out, they can’t play. Remove a pillow and continue until there is only one winner.

However, there’s a much different way of playing musical pillows that gives just a little bit more of a challenge.

Instead of requiring people to sit, require people to pick up a pillow. This is a game that can be played inside or outside. f you don’t want it to be too challenging, put them on top of a table. People will not have to bend too far to grab a pillow.

If you want to make it even more challenging, put a blanket on the ground and put the pillows on the blanket.

To set up, one less pillow than the amount of people playing on the table or the blanket. Play music or sounds and have the people walk around the table or the blanket. When the music stops, each person must try to grab a pillow.

The person that does not grab a pillow is now out of the game and they cannot play anymore. Instead, they can watch or go on to other activities if they are available. Remove a pillow and play another round.

Continue the playing music, having people walk, stopping the music, having people grab the pillows, eliminating a person, and then removing a pillow until only one person is left.