Where to Find Free Sheet Music Online

Musicians love to find sheet music so they can play it and not have to be concerned about the price. This is especially popular now because of independent musicians, music as a hobby, and musicians who offer their music for free online. Because of this, it is important to know where to find free sheet music on the Internet.

Free Piano Music

Free Piano Music is a site that offers links to other sites with free piano music available for download. The site can be a little odd to navigate, but in general, it is a list of links and the sites listed can be browsed to see if the type of music wanted is available. Of course, piano music can be played by other instruments.

Free Sheet Music

Free Sheet Music is a site that has a list of other sites and its own directory. Sheet music can be search by instrument and by genre. There are many folk tunes, including songs from Ireland. There are also plenty of classical tunes.


MusicNotes.com has free sheet music and free guitar tabs. A special software is needed in order to download sheet music from MusicNotes.com. The download of the software is quick and easy and then music can be printed. However, not all of the music is free and some have a price. Others are free.

Free music can easily be found by clicking on the tab that says “free stuff” and then looking on the right side of the window after scrolling to find where it says “more free sheet music.”


8notes has many free versions of sheet music. These are organized by instrument and by category. They are easy to find as pictures accompany the words for the instruments and the categories. If the music is free, a gif graphic is offered of the music. Most of the songs are free and most include at least a sample of the song in midi format. A subscription to 8notes can be purchased and the songs can be found in pdf format, too.

Musical Sensation in the Congo


If you’ve ever been tempted to give up on your dreams, watch this video report about the Kimbanguist Symphony Orchestra in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

You will draw the necessary strength to achieve your goals.

As this 60 Minutes, CBS News story explains, one man, Armand Diangienda, had a dream. He was a laid-off airline pilot who still lives in war-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo. He simply wanted to start a classical symphony orchestra.

In the eyes of his critics, this Congo native was delusional. This dream was impractical and far-fetched. Why? Because the dreamer had no musical instruments, no music teachers, and worst of all, no musicians. The dreamer couldn’t even read music.

In fact, the dreamer lives in a country considered to be one of the poorest in the world. Violence is rampant. Violins are scarce.

Fast forward. Today, there is a respected, 200-member symphony orchestra in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is the only symphony orchestra in central Africa, the only all-black orchestra on the planet.

Yes, this dreamer achieved his aim. Again, here’s a capsule of the original, excellent report, by Bob Simon of the 60 Minutes show. Take a listen.

Now, what is your top goal? Start working on it today. It is achievable.

Here’s the secret that Armand Diangienda would readily share:

Life will always proffer naysayers. Life will always present obstacles.

What should be your response?

Don’t bow. Don’t budge. Don’t buckle.

Follow Diangienda’s model: He studied; he searched, he knocked on doors. He refused to give up. He achieved his goal.

So can you! Let’s get started.