Musicians on Call Piece

“Musicians on Call”

Please take a second

to imagine what it’s like

to be terminally ill

The hospital becomes such

a routine place

All you want is to see

A familiar face

Your smile grows cold

Your soul grows old

At the same time

I want you to imagine

what it would be like

to have some of your favorite

musicians come visit you in this

lonely space.

The music opens up your heart

moves your soul

and puts a smile on your face

Your eyes light up

and represent pure bliss

This is something you don’t want to miss

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Any dollar amount will do!

For we want Jason to have a great birthday, too!

Colleges & Universities Offering Music Degrees

There are a number of colleges and universities offering music degrees. The colleges and universities include Kent State University, Santa Monica College, Florida State University, Julliard and the Musicians Institute.

1. Kent State University 
There are a number of students that are choosing online institutions to future their education. Kent State University offers a Masters of Music in Music Education online. The college was listed on the 2011 US. News & World Report’s Best Colleges.

2. Santa Monica College 
Many community and junior colleges offer an Associate of Arts in Music. Santa Monica College in Santa Monica, California offers an Associate of Arts through their Applied Music Program. The program is geared towards those interested in transferring to a four year college to pursue a Bachelor’s of Art in Music. 

3. Florida State University

The College of Music at Florida State University provides six Bachelors of Arts degrees in their undergraduate program and nine in their graduate degree program. The degrees cover many areas including music education, performance, composition and philosophy. Florida State University also offers a number of certificates.

4. Julliard

Students interested in receiving a degree in music can apply to the Julliard School in New York. Julliard offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in music.

5. Musicians Institute

Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music located in Hollywood, California offers a number of different programs which include performance, industry, alternative as well as the degree program. The degree options are an Associate of Arts and Bachelors of Music. The Musician Institute College also offers certificate and non-certificate programs.’

The Musicians of

Do you love music? Of course you do, and if you don’t, well, it’s time you started listening to to the cool sounds of D Brown.

Another talented musician on, this lyrical and musical genius will keep bringing you back for more. His style is a compilation of different genres from R&B;, Progressive Rock, and Soul…you name it, he does it all.

His voice, rich and polished, carries you away…sensual lyrics…up-beat…soulful…and heartfelt all come to mind when I hear his songs. The beats will keep you moving and the music will help you remember those moments…the celebrations in life we seem to forget.

When listening to his songs, I can’t help fall in love with all of them. I have to admit, though, I do have my favorites. “Musical” is often kept on repeat for those times I need to “let go” of it all because it helps me do just that. Those up-tempo beats get me moving when even the strongest coffee can’t. The catchy lyrics, “point-point-counterpoint,” stick in my head as well as plaster a huge smile on my face. I believe his vibe is contagious…

“On My Own” helps me sit back and groove…imagining what it would be like in a strange city staring out a window in an empty apartment…with my music keeping me company…but missing something…someone…

His infectious smile, as rich and inviting as his music, also appeals to you and says “I’m genuine…I’m unique…Listen to me.” With such sincerity in his music and personality, it’s obvious why there are 2170 people listed as his friends and more being added each day.

If you want to check out the unforgettable sounds of D Brown, and I highly recommend you do, visit his my space by following this link: D Brown .

Word of Caution: His music is highly addictive.

Latin Music for Cinco De Mayo

Top Ten Songs to Have on Your Cinco de Mayo Playlist

Exposing yourself to music and musicians from other countries can be a rewarding experience. There are a lot of Spanish speaking singers both Latin American and Spanish, that sing in both Spanish and English that can introduce you to new cultures and ideas. Two of my favorite singers that have recorded in both languages are Shakira, and Selena. While Selena was murdered several years ago, her music still stands the test of time, and I would recommend it to anyone who loves music, and Shakira is just amazing!

There are also singers who shouldn’t be overlooked because they record in Spanish. Don’t neglect listening to them! These songs are still a great benefit to the non-Spanish speaker. The rhythms and melodies of these songs shatter the language barrier. Juanes is a singer that does just that. While these songs may be new to the non-Spanish speaking world, they are old favorites of mine.

Here are a few of my absolute favorite songs, that just happen to be by Hispanic performers.

Underneath Your Clothes, Shakira: from the album, Laundry Service

Hips Don’t Lie, Shakira: from the album, Laundry Service

Eyes Like Yours, Shakira: from the album, Laundry Service

Beautiful Liar, Beyonce, and Shakira: from the album, B’Day Deluxe Edition

La Camisa Negra, Juanes: from the album, Mi Sangre

Volverte A Ver, Juanes: from the album, Mi Sangre

Para Tu Amor, Juanes: from the album, Mi Sangre

Damelo, Juanes: from the album, Mi Sangre

I Could Fall in Love, Selena: from the Album 20 Years of Music

Missing My Baby, Selena: from the Album 20 Years of Music

Bidi Bidi Bom Bom, Selena: from the Album 20 Years of Music





Great Online Resources for African Music Radio Stations

Welcome to a land of rythmic, pulsating beats and semi-traditional rythyms. You are now listening to african hip-hop. If you close your eyes and just listen to the sounds, you soon forget that you don’t know what they are saying. The beats are very catchy and soon you are moving in time to the beat and snapping your fingers in syncopated time…aaah…wonderful.

African music, although very new, is slowly beginning to make an appearance into the international market. As more media companies start to make inroads into the African continent, the discovery and subsequent exposure of talented groups is beginning to influence the music market.

MTV’s Base promotes artists in Africa and frequently sponsors talent shows in the Diaspora. To get an idea of some of the music that is out there, I have put together a list of stations that will provide an excellent overview of the talent and music available. Musicians sing in English, French, Swahili and local languages.

1. Mtaa FM – This is an excellent station featuring some of the hottest groups and music from Africa in general and East Africa in particular. The music is mixed by a talented DJ who does much to add to the excitement of the music.

2. African Hip Hop Radio – Catch your favorite West African rappers here. Their music is great and extremely creative.

3. Sierra Leone Radio – They offer a more traditional sounding style of music, mostly from Sierra Leone. Great music though.

4. Capital FM and Kiss FM – both based in Nairobi, they offer you an insight into the youth culture in Kenya. They both play music from Kenya, UK, US and India.

5. Kaya FM – Radio station from South Africa. Features music and contemporary issues.

6. Nile Radio – Radio station from Cairo, Egypt that plays a variety of music from western contemporary to egyptian urban. It’s music influences are largely Arabic. Great rythms and an insight into the music trends of Egypt.

Although this is just a teaser, there are a large number of sites that are offering great music online. So why not log in, log on and enjoy your African vibes.

Silas Goss: Music from the Midwest

Silas Goss is from Wichita, Kansas. He is behind the musical project called Lava Lava. According to Goss, a lava lava is a garment worn by both males and females in Polynesia. It is also a term that just happened to get stuck in his head one day. He couldn’t quite forget it, so therefore it remains.

Lava Lava can best be described as a mix between electronic and acoustic, focusing on themes that have been inspired by events in Goss’ life. In his recent album, Life as the Memory, Goss describes his relationships with people.

Life as the Memory is a look at how my life has turned out, and the pattern that I go through with friends… I have never considered anyone a true best friend. I have a tendency to cut people out of my life without warning, or being cut of someone else’s life without warning. Thus living life as a memory in other people’s minds,” he says.

Goss finds solace in creating music, and is becoming more aware of a budding independent music and art scene in Wichita. Midwest talent is recognized by organizations such as Hartke Records and Midwest Showcase. Goss is ecstatic that independent artists are being acknowledged and is optimistic about Wichita heading in this direction.

“Life in Wichita has always been good for me. Finally, the music and indie art scene is really starting to boom and bringing out a really nice flavor of Wichita that I haven’t seen before. There is abundant untouched talent in the mid-west,” he says.

Although he is presently a solo artist, Goss is busy forming a full band. He will continue to find inspiration through other independent artists and personal experiences. Goss names Joseph Knapp (Son, Ambulance), Doug Martsch (Built To Spill), Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes) and Maria Taylor (Azure Ray) as his musical heroes.

To other musicians he says this: “Don’t listen to the radio. You will find your biggest inspiration from other musicians that are making music from their soul. You can easily tell the difference between a corporate produced song, and a song that genuinely comes from the artist as an expression of their feelings or situation. ”

Musician Does Karaoke

I like the idea that Karaoke can be lots of fun for a wide age audience group. The smiles that I have seen as they leave the stage would light a dark room. I have not been lucky enough yet to hear any good singers but all of the singers were met with applause after their performance.

I have worked as a musician in many different musical venues for over 30 years and I thought that buying some Karaoke equipment was a good idea at the time.

I work as a solo act around Daytona Beach and adding Karaoke gave me something extra to offer the public. My very first Karaoke singer wanted a little more treble on the mic and also more reverb.

I use a delay on vocals and I may have to invest in a pitch control.

She was all over the place on the three most important ingredients of music. Pitch, Intervals and Time.

Pitch is singing in Key and that is where the melody starts. Those Karaoke singers who do not have their own recordings seem to rely on singing with the recording of their favorite artist.

One thing to keep in mind when singing along with a recording is that if you can hear yourself clearly you may be on the wrong note. Try using something around the house for a tone reference (preferably a musical instrument) and check that your start note is correct.

The Intervals are those spaces in between the notes you are singing. Try singing without any backup tracks and check if your Intervals are correct.

Time is what puts it all together. Learn to count correctly and keep the melody rhythm constant.

I go into each of these components of music at The Learning Center.

I enjoy the gigs when the Karaoke people are having fun. I will enjoy them more when the good singers start showing up.

Uploading Music for Exposure

New musicians often find it very hard to get noticed by the music industry. These days it’s not good enough to send a demo tape or CD over to a record label. Most of these go unopened and often returned to the sender. These days, music labels are looking to sign new musicians after discovering them through social network based sites.

Sites like Miami based YourListen, a free audio file sharing websites which helps to promote new musicians via their free music upload service, are finding that their business is booming, thanks to new musicians who are posting their tunes in order to get discovered by record labels. It is becoming more and more common for musicians to get found and signed as a result of directly uploading their tracks to services like YourListen as record label executives are using these resources to scout out up and coming artists.

In addition to helping find that ideal record contract, such sites have benefit to musicians who are looking to develop a more diverse fan base. As they have embed facilities, where by a musician can upload their file for free hosting and then embed the music player directly from the network right onto their own websites or social network profiles. Additionally, musicians are finding that their tracks are appearing on recommended lists for other users. This realy helps to develop a strong and lasting fan base. Recording artists which use such services report of great record sales directly from their network fans once their tracks are released. 

These days, there is no excuse for a musician to not be noticed and discovered, if they really want to be. The new media age has provided some excellent new options in which musicians can promote themselves and get discovered.

Another Young Musician

Istvan Medgyesi is a local musician near the town I grew up in. A friend of his introduced me to him via Facebook and told me I had to interview this guy and see what he is about!

Growing up in an “electric music tasting” family Istvan began to play the guitar at the age of 14.

Influenced at a young age by a many different things, people, he has encountered in his life he states, “many people and factors have influenced my musical style. I have always loved a wide variety of music, so I gather what I like from each style and try to put my own spin on it. Lately, I’ve been studying Hindustani Classical Music and working to apply some of the principles to guitar and banjo.”

Playing all kinds of music, he is solo at this point in his music career but has played with bands in the past.

“Right now, I’m playing with my buddy Shawn Brewster’s band Oldboy, based out of Cleveland, whenever we’re out that way. I sit in with a few other bands for recording and gigging from time to time.” Istvan said. 
Often plays at Clubs, bars, festivals, coffeehouses, art spaces and galleries, benefits, colleges, parties, he is very open to new experiences, like any true musician would be.

Local recognition has allowed him to play out all the time and do a small East Coast/Midwest Tour this spring &summer.;

Please check out this upcoming new local legend!

You can check out some of his music (and that of some of his good friends) and show dates @

Local Musician Moving Up in the Music World

The world and art of an artist inspires me in a way that I cannot even begin to write down in words. Being a lover of poetry, I guess I can relate to the meaning of the words in most musicians songs. The way they come up with the right tunes, to go with the right song and make them mesh together to make magic, just amazes me!

In recent articles I’ve told of a local Pennsylvania musician trying to make it in the world of music. How he got started and where he hoped to be in the future. I am going to update all who care on this musician’s progress in that industry!

Josh was struggling to find himself local gigs around the area. He would spend countless hours, days, weeks, searching for local businesses to accept him.

Being an upcoming musician these things take time, no one can expect to become a star overnight. Never the less, it can become very frustrating. Josh told me once that in this particular situation with musicians as well as song writers is where the artist block sets in. All you can focus on is getting the gig, and not perfecting the music, song, poetry, etc. Your mind becomes blank and you are useless.

A break is the key to relieving one’s self of writers block. This is exactly what Josh did. In return he gained success!

He got himself a gig in his a local bar for the second time.

Start Time:

Friday, April 2, 2010 at 8:00pm

End Time:

Saturday, April 3, 2010 at 1:00am


The Wicked Googly


209 W Main Street


Ligonier, PA

This is a big accomplishment for a young musician. To be asked back to the same place means that you did something right!

Not only has he been able to get himself live gigs, but he has also posted some videos on facebook for those internet crazed lovers of music!

This young man is an inspiration to all who know him, and to you he would be as well, so get to know him by going to his live gig or view his home videos he has posted for you!!/video/video.php?v=641386444492