Massage Chairs For Relaxing While Watching TV

Modern life brought us a lot of stress and lack of time looks like the main problem for many. Massage chairs for relaxing are designed especially for these busy people that simply don’t have time to go to a massage saloon. If you only have one hour before going to bed, the best way is to watch TV while enjoying a healthy massage, having benefits both on the mind and the body.

The best part of this massage is that it helps you relax and eliminate stress, which will be felt by the whole organism. You are entitled to such a spoil especially after a long day of work, watching your favorite series and enjoying a good wine. The main goal of such chair is to help your body relax, but there also other benefits you never thought about.

The squeezing massage, with or without vibrations, with or without heating, with intense pressure are some of the many other features allowing the user to create his or her own advanced massage program. Here are some of the benefits offered by massage chairs while watching TV, benefits proven by numerous researches by psychotherapy institutes and universities around the world.

  1. Improved blood circulation

Maybe you would not expect such benefits from these chairs, but they will improve your circulation, allowing the blood to flow easier through the body. Blood carries all the nutrients and useful substances to all the organs, so it is important for the circulation to be good. The massage chairs will improve the reproduction rate of red cells in the blood, reducing hypertension and the chances of a heart attack. Moreover, the lymphatic circulation is also improved, helping the faster elimination of the toxins from the organism.


  • Reduces stress and anxiety

The disease of the century is considered by many to be stress and anxiety. It is time to eliminate these problems form your life, and today it is possible even while watching TV. It is probably the most important reason for while people by these chairs. While you let your professional chair to do its magic work as a massage specialist, the endorphin levels in the body will raise, literally acting like a relaxing sedative.

  • Corrects the posture of the body

The majority of employees working at a desk for more than eight hours a day has back problems and cannot adopt the right posture while working. No matter how careful we would be about how we sit at the desk, we will get tired after a couple of hours and forget about it. A good massage armchair will correct the pressure out on certain muscles that were overworked during the day. Through the revolutionary massage techniques these chars are capable of, your back will feel as new after a few minutes of using the chair.

The improvements implemented during the last years by this industry are based on studies and advices from medics, allowing benefiting of a therapist at home, whenever you need it, even while watching TV.

How to Get Free Music from YouTube

First to do this you will need to download a program called Mactubes. You can do this by searching it in Google and then going to the page and downloading it.

After you have this software:

1. Open Mactubes

2. Type the exact name of the video you want in the search bar.

3. Double click on the video you want and it should come into a new window.

4. In the bottom right there should be a gear icon.

5. Click it and select download, and download the video as a MP4 file. Once its done the file should show up on your desktop.

7. Now open iMovie and click on the file tab at the top.

8. Click import and import the movie you downloaded. (if you can’t find it click the side bar icon with the desk top and it should be under that menu).

9. When it’s in iMovie drag it from the media section into the section that is for your project.

10. Go to the advanced and click on separate audio.

11. Delete the video and you will have the audio you want.

12. To get into iTunes drag the audio into your iTunes library or hit the share tab and choose iTunes.

If when you delete the video the audio disappears, press command Z, select the video, and move it to the right slightly and delete again.

What to Do when Downloading Music Online

In our generation downloading music is not a problem. There is a large selection of websites which offer just about any type of music, so even if you prefer a specific genre of music the chances are you will be able to find music sites which can cater to your needs. I will give you some information on what not to do and what to do when you downloading music online.

Firstly, streaming and downloading are to different things. The first difference is when music is playing, you can listen to it as long as you are on the site which is streaming it. Unlike downloading, where you take of the song from the website and save it on your computer. Once this song is on your computer you are able to listen to it when and where you choose, also when you download you can play the songs on other devices other than the computer such as a phone, iPod, MP3 player etc. Clearly, downloading has much more potential and benefits than streaming and is more widely used. But streaming is a good option when you are listening to a song for the first-time and is deciding whether you want it or not.

When looking for music online most people try to do is get it for free. However, people doing this don’t take time to read the views and do their research on his site which they are downloading from. Many of these sites give its users problems, facing viruses and other suspicious software inside music fans causing the user to experience computer problems. This can be very dangerous, unwanted users can access a PC through these kinds of viruses and steel import information. That is why it is always best to legally buy music at reputable sites such as iTunes and Amazon. These sites offer virus free and the best quality MP3s available and has music for almost every genre that one could want.

In conclusion, the Internet is a very influential role in the way you download music today and can be both helpful and dangerous if not used well. That is why I’m telling you don’t go for the free way of it is best to legally download the music by buying it from reputable sites. Thank you.

The Type of Music You Listen to Can Alleviate Depression

I have always preached that balance is key in all areas of life. This is also true in the area of the type of music we choose to listen to. Usually most of us are used to listening to a particular type of music but we are still depressed. Anything that does not alleviate depression is probably not good for it either. I have come to realize that as a Christian…listening to all Christian music is good but too excessive. With my discovery I opened my mind to other types of music that do not disturb my believes and I assure that my mind has been so relaxed and free since then.

Most of us are used to listening to particular types of music and it has become a lifestyle and routine. One thing that is bad for depression is routines. Routines are boring and slow. I want to encourage you to try a different styles of music that doesn’t conflict with your faith or believe. You can do this. For example, if you are used to listening to all Christian music like me…try love songs or jazz …these music are pure lyrically but they give you a different feeling. They stimulate the mind causing excitement in your heart and brain.

The types of music we choose to listen to is also vital…if you are an all time Jesus freak like me …try different types and genres of Christian music. There are a lot out there. You could also try the genre soul. If you are a rocker also like myself you could try the pop genre or even different types of rock. The goal is to feel better. Feeling better entails leaving your box. Trying new things, as you test to see if you enjoy them is very healthy mentally.

Life is full of diversity. Do not let anyone box you in or even worse box yourself in. You can explore. You can have fun. You can live your life the right way without being too bored. You are blessed with life so take advantage of what it has to offer. Depression is just a zap away and all you need to do is live without doing the wrong thing but trying new things and experiencing various art forms like music.

How to Copyright MP3 Music

If you are a musical performer, you probably want to be able to be paid for your work. This is, of course, reasonable. After all, the music that you play is something special that few people can create. You should be able to receive remuneration for your efforts, just like a home builder or a college professor.

To insure that you are paid for your work and that no one else can use your music without your permission, it is important that you copyright your music. This includes music that you create in any format, whether it is on a CD or even an MP3. Copyright is the legal recognition that you own the MP3 music, and that anyone who wishes to use the MP3 music must get your permission before they do so.

How exactly, though, do you go about copyrighting MP3 music? There are several steps involved in the process:

1. Make sure you have a license to record the musical composition. If you didn’t write the music, you will need to have permission from the copyright owner in order to do so.

2. From the moment you create the recording, you are the legal owner and you have copyright. Everything you do from here is designed to insure that your copyright is legally recognized.

3. You can, for a fee, register your MP3 music with the Library of Congress. This will insure that there is a public record of the copyright of your MP3 music. This is probably the most reliable and safest way to copyright MP3 music.

4. There are other ways to copyright MP3 music, as well. You can, for example, mail yourself a Compact Disc with your copyrighted MP3 music on the disc. Leave the envelope sealed. The date on the postmark stamp may be able to be used to prove you mailed it to yourself on a given date, which may be able to help you establish proof of your copyright to the MP3 music.

In addition, you need to make sure you are clear about your copyright with other folks. If you put your MP3 on your web site, make sure you note that the file is copyrighted, even if you are giving it away for free, so that someone else can’t try to claim the copyright for your MP3 music.

Uploading Music for Exposure

New musicians often find it very hard to get noticed by the music industry. These days it’s not good enough to send a demo tape or CD over to a record label. Most of these go unopened and often returned to the sender. These days, music labels are looking to sign new musicians after discovering them through social network based sites.

Sites like Miami based YourListen, a free audio file sharing websites which helps to promote new musicians via their free music upload service, are finding that their business is booming, thanks to new musicians who are posting their tunes in order to get discovered by record labels. It is becoming more and more common for musicians to get found and signed as a result of directly uploading their tracks to services like YourListen as record label executives are using these resources to scout out up and coming artists.

In addition to helping find that ideal record contract, such sites have benefit to musicians who are looking to develop a more diverse fan base. As they have embed facilities, where by a musician can upload their file for free hosting and then embed the music player directly from the network right onto their own websites or social network profiles. Additionally, musicians are finding that their tracks are appearing on recommended lists for other users. This realy helps to develop a strong and lasting fan base. Recording artists which use such services report of great record sales directly from their network fans once their tracks are released. 

These days, there is no excuse for a musician to not be noticed and discovered, if they really want to be. The new media age has provided some excellent new options in which musicians can promote themselves and get discovered.

How to Add Auto Play Music to Your Blogger Blog

I first began blogging back in January, and since one of my blogs has grown significantly as far as traffic goes.

When I realized that this blog was attracting more hits, I wanted to amp it up and make it more impressive. I wanted music to autoplay in the background for visitors.

I searched endlessly for help on the subject, but primarily all I got was how to play music, but nothing involved autoplay. I wanted the music to play automatically, not a widget where the guest had to hit play!

Eventually I landed on a site called

I joined to create an account, which was 100% free. Next I simply looked for the song I wanted to play on my blogger blog.

After that I chose embed to get the embed code. First though I customized my playlist device. I chose a cute play device that included swimming fish, which was perfect for my blogs tropical theme.

However in order to make sure it would autoplay, on the device playlist I had to click a small button labeled menu. After you hit menu a small scroll down list pops up. Click auto-play and wallah, you’re music will now autoplay on your website. You of course have to click the embed in order for dizzler to provide you with the embed code.

Next, go to your blogger blog, and click on the layout. From there click add gadget, and hit the HTML/Javascript gadget.

Add the playlists embedding code into the HTML gadget, and the gadget will then play your music on your site!

It’s easy, simple, and efficient!

Musicfone: A New Spin on an Old Idea

The Discovery

In early 2006 I came across a book called “Verses That Hurt: Pleasure and Pain from the Poemfone Poets“. It has since become one of my favorite books to dive into when I need inspiration.

A brief description of Poemfone

Poemfone was a voicemail line that you could call into and listen to a poem. There were two golden rules. First, the poet selected to host the line had to agree to do so for an entire month. Second, the poet had to agree to change the poem every day. Callers were permitted to leave messages after the poems. Some people read poems of their own; some gave critiques and many just hung up.

The Idea

I was always inspired by this idea and wondered if it could work with songwriters. There could be a podcast or even just a myspace your youtube page where a songwriter could record a song for people to listen to – preferably something unreleased and raw. Then people could respond with messages or critiques or however they chose. The songwriter would agree to host the webcast for a week at a time (a month is a bit much) and change the song every day. Listeners/viewers should be given a chance to respond to the piece through message boards or some other means. Polished commercial recordings would not be allowed. Users should be able to access the content for free.

The Goal

Simply put, the goal is to share inspiration and creativity through music as well as allowing people to become more familiar with a songwriters work.

Who’s down?

I have wanted to set something like this up for some time now however the enthusiasm of one person is not enough to keep it going. If you might be interested in getting this started or you have feedback or suggestions feel free to email me at [email protected]

Where to Find Free Sheet Music Online

Musicians love to find sheet music so they can play it and not have to be concerned about the price. This is especially popular now because of independent musicians, music as a hobby, and musicians who offer their music for free online. Because of this, it is important to know where to find free sheet music on the Internet.

Free Piano Music

Free Piano Music is a site that offers links to other sites with free piano music available for download. The site can be a little odd to navigate, but in general, it is a list of links and the sites listed can be browsed to see if the type of music wanted is available. Of course, piano music can be played by other instruments.

Free Sheet Music

Free Sheet Music is a site that has a list of other sites and its own directory. Sheet music can be search by instrument and by genre. There are many folk tunes, including songs from Ireland. There are also plenty of classical tunes. has free sheet music and free guitar tabs. A special software is needed in order to download sheet music from The download of the software is quick and easy and then music can be printed. However, not all of the music is free and some have a price. Others are free.

Free music can easily be found by clicking on the tab that says “free stuff” and then looking on the right side of the window after scrolling to find where it says “more free sheet music.”


8notes has many free versions of sheet music. These are organized by instrument and by category. They are easy to find as pictures accompany the words for the instruments and the categories. If the music is free, a gif graphic is offered of the music. Most of the songs are free and most include at least a sample of the song in midi format. A subscription to 8notes can be purchased and the songs can be found in pdf format, too.