Silas Goss: Music from the Midwest

Silas Goss is from Wichita, Kansas. He is behind the musical project called Lava Lava. According to Goss, a lava lava is a garment worn by both males and females in Polynesia. It is also a term that just happened to get stuck in his head one day. He couldn’t quite forget it, so therefore it remains.

Lava Lava can best be described as a mix between electronic and acoustic, focusing on themes that have been inspired by events in Goss’ life. In his recent album, Life as the Memory, Goss describes his relationships with people.

Life as the Memory is a look at how my life has turned out, and the pattern that I go through with friends… I have never considered anyone a true best friend. I have a tendency to cut people out of my life without warning, or being cut of someone else’s life without warning. Thus living life as a memory in other people’s minds,” he says.

Goss finds solace in creating music, and is becoming more aware of a budding independent music and art scene in Wichita. Midwest talent is recognized by organizations such as Hartke Records and Midwest Showcase. Goss is ecstatic that independent artists are being acknowledged and is optimistic about Wichita heading in this direction.

“Life in Wichita has always been good for me. Finally, the music and indie art scene is really starting to boom and bringing out a really nice flavor of Wichita that I haven’t seen before. There is abundant untouched talent in the mid-west,” he says.

Although he is presently a solo artist, Goss is busy forming a full band. He will continue to find inspiration through other independent artists and personal experiences. Goss names Joseph Knapp (Son, Ambulance), Doug Martsch (Built To Spill), Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes) and Maria Taylor (Azure Ray) as his musical heroes.

To other musicians he says this: “Don’t listen to the radio. You will find your biggest inspiration from other musicians that are making music from their soul. You can easily tell the difference between a corporate produced song, and a song that genuinely comes from the artist as an expression of their feelings or situation. ”

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