Musician Does Karaoke

I like the idea that Karaoke can be lots of fun for a wide age audience group. The smiles that I have seen as they leave the stage would light a dark room. I have not been lucky enough yet to hear any good singers but all of the singers were met with applause after their performance.

I have worked as a musician in many different musical venues for over 30 years and I thought that buying some Karaoke equipment was a good idea at the time.

I work as a solo act around Daytona Beach and adding Karaoke gave me something extra to offer the public. My very first Karaoke singer wanted a little more treble on the mic and also more reverb.

I use a delay on vocals and I may have to invest in a pitch control.

She was all over the place on the three most important ingredients of music. Pitch, Intervals and Time.

Pitch is singing in Key and that is where the melody starts. Those Karaoke singers who do not have their own recordings seem to rely on singing with the recording of their favorite artist.

One thing to keep in mind when singing along with a recording is that if you can hear yourself clearly you may be on the wrong note. Try using something around the house for a tone reference (preferably a musical instrument) and check that your start note is correct.

The Intervals are those spaces in between the notes you are singing. Try singing without any backup tracks and check if your Intervals are correct.

Time is what puts it all together. Learn to count correctly and keep the melody rhythm constant.

I go into each of these components of music at The Learning Center.

I enjoy the gigs when the Karaoke people are having fun. I will enjoy them more when the good singers start showing up.

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