Musicfone: A New Spin on an Old Idea

The Discovery

In early 2006 I came across a book called “Verses That Hurt: Pleasure and Pain from the Poemfone Poets“. It has since become one of my favorite books to dive into when I need inspiration.

A brief description of Poemfone

Poemfone was a voicemail line that you could call into and listen to a poem. There were two golden rules. First, the poet selected to host the line had to agree to do so for an entire month. Second, the poet had to agree to change the poem every day. Callers were permitted to leave messages after the poems. Some people read poems of their own; some gave critiques and many just hung up.

The Idea

I was always inspired by this idea and wondered if it could work with songwriters. There could be a podcast or even just a myspace your youtube page where a songwriter could record a song for people to listen to – preferably something unreleased and raw. Then people could respond with messages or critiques or however they chose. The songwriter would agree to host the webcast for a week at a time (a month is a bit much) and change the song every day. Listeners/viewers should be given a chance to respond to the piece through message boards or some other means. Polished commercial recordings would not be allowed. Users should be able to access the content for free.

The Goal

Simply put, the goal is to share inspiration and creativity through music as well as allowing people to become more familiar with a songwriters work.

Who’s down?

I have wanted to set something like this up for some time now however the enthusiasm of one person is not enough to keep it going. If you might be interested in getting this started or you have feedback or suggestions feel free to email me at [email protected]

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