Musical Tribute to the Princess of Pilfery – Lindsay Lohan

Step aside Charlie Sheen, it’s time for Lindsay Lohan’s weekly 15-minutes of fame.

Sung to the tune of, Swing Low Sweet Chariot”

Oh no, sweet Lindsay Lohan 
Judge is gonna put you away 
plea yes to all your charges 
’cause you’d rather steal than pay

She can’t control her urges 
mamma didn’t teach her too well 
it’s time to pay the piper 
from a crappy eight by ten cell

I looked over yonder and what did I see 
Lindsay Lohan stealing my car 
a band of policemen chased her down the street 
handcuffed her inside of Sid’s bar

Oh no, sweet Lindsay Lohan 
you have really screwed up your life 
Plea yes to all your charges 
‘fore big Bertha makes you her wife

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