Music Playing is Nice when You Know Where to Buy Your Instrument!

When I started middle school I was told that extra curricular activities were good for my academic careers from one of my friends. I figured since I wasn’t permitted to play sports I would play the trumpet. This is where I got stumped because I didn’t know where to find a trumpet I never looked for one.

In my looking around for a music store I searched online for a store and went there to look for a trumpet. I found one store to be extremely helpful. Russo’s Music Center of Hamilton, New Jersey located on 1989 Arena Drive was a great place to find me the trumpet I wished to obtain. They not only sell trumpets they also have orchestral, brass wind, wood wind, guitars, bass guitars, live sound, recording, DJ & lighting equipment, cables & audio tools, basses, drums & percussion, amps & pedals, pro audio boards & switch boards, keyboards, and even books on the music and how to play your instrument. You don’t have money to buy an instrument? Well you are in luck still because Russo’s Music Center in Hamilton also rents out instruments with some requirements. They even give lessons for instruments like, guitar, drums, bass, piano, flute, saxophone, and clarinet.

All around this shop was very helpful. Given all the facilities, shopping variety, different ways to obtain the instruments and tie that with wonderful customer service and professional help I would say this is an all around store for the music lover in your family or within yourself. For further questions on Russo’s Music Center of Hamilton you can visit: or call (609) 888 0620 but if you ask me I would tell you to go to the actual store physically and experience the wonders first hand. Good Luck and Hope this helped. Thank you.

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