How to Play Musical Pillows

Musical chairs can be a popular game at parties or fairs. However, you can definitely change small things to make the game different.

Instead of musical chairs, why not play musical pillows?

There are different ways of playing musical pillows.

You can get pillows that are for sitting. If you have a big enough bed that is not against a wall, lay one less pillow than the participants in the game on the bed. Play just like you would musical chairs – walk as music or sound plays and people must sit as the music or sounds stop, but make sure people must sit on the pillows. If a person is not completely on a pillow, then another person can still sit on it if the majority of the pillow is showing. Once a person is out, they can’t play. Remove a pillow and continue until there is only one winner.

However, there’s a much different way of playing musical pillows that gives just a little bit more of a challenge.

Instead of requiring people to sit, require people to pick up a pillow. This is a game that can be played inside or outside. f you don’t want it to be too challenging, put them on top of a table. People will not have to bend too far to grab a pillow.

If you want to make it even more challenging, put a blanket on the ground and put the pillows on the blanket.

To set up, one less pillow than the amount of people playing on the table or the blanket. Play music or sounds and have the people walk around the table or the blanket. When the music stops, each person must try to grab a pillow.

The person that does not grab a pillow is now out of the game and they cannot play anymore. Instead, they can watch or go on to other activities if they are available. Remove a pillow and play another round.

Continue the playing music, having people walk, stopping the music, having people grab the pillows, eliminating a person, and then removing a pillow until only one person is left.

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