How to Find Music Heard on TV

Have you heard music that you liked, in a TV commercial, but don’t know what it was? Remember the music that played during the TV movie trailer of “Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers?” This soundtrack certainly was highly sought out! What about the Rolex TV commercial music that plays during the Tennis season?

Fortunately, the Internet has made it much easier to locate and identify music used in commercials, movie trailers, and TV shows. There are three websites you should definitely visit to help you find that tune. Those sites offer individuals forums to help you find TV commercial, and movie trailer music. More than likely, you will not be the first inquiring mind. Make sure to use the “search” feature of the forums first, prior to posting a new message.


What’s That Called


In addition to the above websites, you can also check out the following two resources.


Most of the TV commercials, trailers can be found on YouTube nowadays. The section that is especially useful is the “Commentary” section of the video. If the commercial is posted on YouTube, chances are someone already expressed interest in knowing what song played in that commercial. You may find your answer while filtering through all the irrelevant comments!

Company’s Website

Do not ignore the “Advertising,” or “Press Room” sections of the company’s website. Occasionally, a company may post the videos of their TV commercials, and also provide information about the music used. You could also contact the company, and inquire about the music used in one of their TV commercials. Who knows, you may get lucky and receive a response!

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