How to Download Free Music Beats Online

If you’ve been trying to find a place to get pre made beats that you can add your lyrics to, I’ve got a great place for you to check out. has a great selection of beats and music to check out and a lot of it is free. They have tons of music and some that already have a hook with them. Some can be downloaded for free, some can be bought so that you have the exclusive rights to them. Read below and I’ll tell you how to find them, download them, and run them.

** Going to and picking a genre**

1. Log onto 
2. Scroll down to the “Music Charts and Genres” section 
3. Click on “Beats/Instrumentals”

** Finding a beat you like **

1. Once you’re on the new page, scroll below the “Instrumentals Music Charts” list 
and locate the “Sub Genres” area. 
2. Pick a sub-genre and click it (Beats General, Classical, Jazzy beats, Instrumentals with hooks etc) 
3. On the new page you’ll have a list of beats within the sub genre that you’ve chosen. On most of them you’ll see Free Download or Free DL within the title. Obviously these you can download for free. 
4. Click on the title to preview the beat and see if it’s something you like.

* Downloading the beat ** 
1. Once you’ve previewed a beat that you like, click on the artist name. 
2. Scroll down the new page until you find a list of tracks by this artist. 
3. To the left of the song title, you’ll see three arrows. The first will be a downward facing arrow = Download. 
4. To Download, click this arrow. A download box will appear and check Save File.

** Accessing your new download ** 
1. Once it has finished download, locate the file to wherever it is that you have your downloaded files sent to. 
2. There you go, you now have your new beat on your computer to use. 
3. If you have a music program, like Acid, Mixcraft, fruity loops etc., you can open your new beat in that program and layer in some vocals on top of it.

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