How to Add Auto Play Music to Your Blogger Blog

I first began blogging back in January, and since one of my blogs has grown significantly as far as traffic goes.

When I realized that this blog was attracting more hits, I wanted to amp it up and make it more impressive. I wanted music to autoplay in the background for visitors.

I searched endlessly for help on the subject, but primarily all I got was how to play music, but nothing involved autoplay. I wanted the music to play automatically, not a widget where the guest had to hit play!

Eventually I landed on a site called

I joined to create an account, which was 100% free. Next I simply looked for the song I wanted to play on my blogger blog.

After that I chose embed to get the embed code. First though I customized my playlist device. I chose a cute play device that included swimming fish, which was perfect for my blogs tropical theme.

However in order to make sure it would autoplay, on the device playlist I had to click a small button labeled menu. After you hit menu a small scroll down list pops up. Click auto-play and wallah, you’re music will now autoplay on your website. You of course have to click the embed in order for dizzler to provide you with the embed code.

Next, go to your blogger blog, and click on the layout. From there click add gadget, and hit the HTML/Javascript gadget.

Add the playlists embedding code into the HTML gadget, and the gadget will then play your music on your site!

It’s easy, simple, and efficient!

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