Google Music All Access

Google Music All Access uses the same app as Google Music and extends the functionality of the Google Music service for $9.99 a month. You can create radio stations, check out playlists, and listen to the songs you want when you want to. Songs you listen to are automatically put into playlists.

At the same time, the radio function allows you to create an experience around a single song; similar songs branch off of a song of your choosing. If you don’t know what an artist’s songs are, just type in the name of the artist.

Unlike Pandora, you can go back to a song you just heard and play it again. There are no listening limits, and there are no ads. Cached music prevents you from having to pay for data that does not need to be used. If you listen to the same songs Google can save them to the device in the cache for automatic playback.

The option to store 20,000 songs still exists. This is a great idea, but I do think Google should have added an option to either subsidize or replace the $9.99 monthly price through ads. I’m already considering cancelling my Hulu Plus subscription, and just paying $7.99 a month plus $9.99 a month for All Access to keep my bills for the cloud under $20 a month.

My only issue with the service is that it plays like 9/10 of a song, then stops. I’ve tried manipulating the settings in the program to no avail. Hopefully Google takes care of this on a future update to the software.

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