Dictum Musicus: Libretto

Air currents, rivers and tears flow
While words wander going wherever they go
Taking both writer and reader
To someplace they don’t yet know.
The wonder of words
Written and read.

Hearts and drums beat 
As birthing stanzas greet 
The eyes and minds 
Awash in their own precious realities. 
One they have met 
Something will give and 
Something will get.

Flashing ideas 
And associations, 
Incomplete creations 
Join and befriend 
A string of thought 
Without end. 
A partnership forged 
Between lines emaciated 
And engorged.

The gentle lavender of Spring 
Images the hopes 
That tomorrow may bring, 
While the sharp harsh thistle and thorn 
Cry out, too, 
To be born. 
Woven language 
Adrift on the shoreless 
Sea of humanity.

One ear 
Is all it takes 
To hear 
Or to care.

Is what has been set down 
What has been heard? 
It does not surprise us 
That the first 
Five Books of Moses 
Value, above all, 
The Word.

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