Colleges & Universities Offering Music Degrees

There are a number of colleges and universities offering music degrees. The colleges and universities include Kent State University, Santa Monica College, Florida State University, Julliard and the Musicians Institute.

1. Kent State University 
There are a number of students that are choosing online institutions to future their education. Kent State University offers a Masters of Music in Music Education online. The college was listed on the 2011 US. News & World Report’s Best Colleges.

2. Santa Monica College 
Many community and junior colleges offer an Associate of Arts in Music. Santa Monica College in Santa Monica, California offers an Associate of Arts through their Applied Music Program. The program is geared towards those interested in transferring to a four year college to pursue a Bachelor’s of Art in Music. 

3. Florida State University

The College of Music at Florida State University provides six Bachelors of Arts degrees in their undergraduate program and nine in their graduate degree program. The degrees cover many areas including music education, performance, composition and philosophy. Florida State University also offers a number of certificates.

4. Julliard

Students interested in receiving a degree in music can apply to the Julliard School in New York. Julliard offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in music.

5. Musicians Institute

Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music located in Hollywood, California offers a number of different programs which include performance, industry, alternative as well as the degree program. The degree options are an Associate of Arts and Bachelors of Music. The Musician Institute College also offers certificate and non-certificate programs.’

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