Classic ’90s Music Review

I’m a Fiona Apple Maggart McAfee fan. I have been a Fiona Apple fan since the release of her album Tidal in July of 1996. As a teenager it was the dark relatable lyrics that drew me to Fiona’s music. As an adult it is her powerful voice, her talented songwriting abilities, her amazing piano skills and of course the still relatable dark lyrics that continue to draw me her music today, especially her 90’s album Tidal.

There are so many ways to describe Tidal: powerfully deep, romantically dark, emotional, funky, jazzy, raw, poetic, realistic…I could go on. Not one song from this album is disappointing to listen to. Each and every one is rich with lyric and melody. From the first track, Sleep to Dream to the last track Carrion I am swept into a long moment of anger, self discovery, pain, empowerment, lost love, thought and finally relief.

The instruments alone are something to applaud. The continuous and melodious presence of the piano in songs like Never Is A Promise or in Sullen Girl and the drums beat in Sleep to Dream make these songs as powerful and poetic as they are. The realistic and poetic lyrics give each song its depth and Fiona’s sultry voice makes and completes each song.

Individually the instruments, the lyrics and Fiona’s voice are great, but combined the instruments, the lyrics, and Fiona’s sultry voice are spectacular. Each song draws me in and takes me into a depth I don’t mind being in. Filled with emotions of a hard life and dark romance, I can relate to this album and I sing along with Fiona and ride the emotional roller coaster with her, releasing all those repressed emotions through her music.

I can definitely understand why this classic 90’s album is so popular.

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