Local Musician Moving Up in the Music World

The world and art of an artist inspires me in a way that I cannot even begin to write down in words. Being a lover of poetry, I guess I can relate to the meaning of the words in most musicians songs. The way they come up with the right tunes, to go with the right song and make them mesh together to make magic, just amazes me!

In recent articles I’ve told of a local Pennsylvania musician trying to make it in the world of music. How he got started and where he hoped to be in the future. I am going to update all who care on this musician’s progress in that industry!

Josh was struggling to find himself local gigs around the area. He would spend countless hours, days, weeks, searching for local businesses to accept him.

Being an upcoming musician these things take time, no one can expect to become a star overnight. Never the less, it can become very frustrating. Josh told me once that in this particular situation with musicians as well as song writers is where the artist block sets in. All you can focus on is getting the gig, and not perfecting the music, song, poetry, etc. Your mind becomes blank and you are useless.

A break is the key to relieving one’s self of writers block. This is exactly what Josh did. In return he gained success!

He got himself a gig in his a local bar for the second time.

Start Time:

Friday, April 2, 2010 at 8:00pm

End Time:

Saturday, April 3, 2010 at 1:00am


The Wicked Googly


209 W Main Street


Ligonier, PA

This is a big accomplishment for a young musician. To be asked back to the same place means that you did something right!

Not only has he been able to get himself live gigs, but he has also posted some videos on facebook for those internet crazed lovers of music!

This young man is an inspiration to all who know him, and to you he would be as well, so get to know him by going to his live gig or view his home videos he has posted for you!


Musicfone: A New Spin on an Old Idea

The Discovery

In early 2006 I came across a book called “Verses That Hurt: Pleasure and Pain from the Poemfone Poets“. It has since become one of my favorite books to dive into when I need inspiration.

A brief description of Poemfone

Poemfone was a voicemail line that you could call into and listen to a poem. There were two golden rules. First, the poet selected to host the line had to agree to do so for an entire month. Second, the poet had to agree to change the poem every day. Callers were permitted to leave messages after the poems. Some people read poems of their own; some gave critiques and many just hung up.

The Idea

I was always inspired by this idea and wondered if it could work with songwriters. There could be a podcast or even just a myspace your youtube page where a songwriter could record a song for people to listen to – preferably something unreleased and raw. Then people could respond with messages or critiques or however they chose. The songwriter would agree to host the webcast for a week at a time (a month is a bit much) and change the song every day. Listeners/viewers should be given a chance to respond to the piece through message boards or some other means. Polished commercial recordings would not be allowed. Users should be able to access the content for free.

The Goal

Simply put, the goal is to share inspiration and creativity through music as well as allowing people to become more familiar with a songwriters work.

Who’s down?

I have wanted to set something like this up for some time now however the enthusiasm of one person is not enough to keep it going. If you might be interested in getting this started or you have feedback or suggestions feel free to email me at [email protected]

Where to Find Free Sheet Music Online

Musicians love to find sheet music so they can play it and not have to be concerned about the price. This is especially popular now because of independent musicians, music as a hobby, and musicians who offer their music for free online. Because of this, it is important to know where to find free sheet music on the Internet.

Free Piano Music

Free Piano Music is a site that offers links to other sites with free piano music available for download. The site can be a little odd to navigate, but in general, it is a list of links and the sites listed can be browsed to see if the type of music wanted is available. Of course, piano music can be played by other instruments.

Free Sheet Music

Free Sheet Music is a site that has a list of other sites and its own directory. Sheet music can be search by instrument and by genre. There are many folk tunes, including songs from Ireland. There are also plenty of classical tunes.


MusicNotes.com has free sheet music and free guitar tabs. A special software is needed in order to download sheet music from MusicNotes.com. The download of the software is quick and easy and then music can be printed. However, not all of the music is free and some have a price. Others are free.

Free music can easily be found by clicking on the tab that says “free stuff” and then looking on the right side of the window after scrolling to find where it says “more free sheet music.”


8notes has many free versions of sheet music. These are organized by instrument and by category. They are easy to find as pictures accompany the words for the instruments and the categories. If the music is free, a gif graphic is offered of the music. Most of the songs are free and most include at least a sample of the song in midi format. A subscription to 8notes can be purchased and the songs can be found in pdf format, too.

New Sounds of Indie Music

Sometimes in music we forget about the artist that haven’t made the radio, or don’t have million dollar promoters from major music labels. Now with digital music streaming and downloads available to all recording artist both independent and signed we have access to more music then ever before.

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy the new world wide radio stations that allows to hear unknown artist with the artist I know and love. I actually grew to love a lot of artist listening to stations like Pandora and other online streaming stations.

Don’t limit your self to just commercial streaming stations you never know what great artist and music you might be missing out on. Allow me to introduce myself, I’m a independent recording artist out of Sacramento I go by the name Rashell. I’m no where near my goals but working hard to achieve them everyday. I’ve already released one Album self titled Rashell which you can purchase on her personal web site www.DiamondndaRough.com and I’m currently working toward completing album number two. I recently just released a single from this up coming album titled Twizslurd which features my good friends bay area recording artist Raid and Bash Town recording artist Rich Rap of the Stooie Bros.

The creative expression on this song is truly unique. We as artist tried to deliver our lyrics with character and energy. We hope you are able to listen to this fun song and enjoy relating to it. You can hear it at my website or purchase it on Itunes or anywhere digital music is sold. Don’t take my advice on how hard we worked on bring you a fun drinking song, find out for yourself.

Musical Sensation in the Congo


If you’ve ever been tempted to give up on your dreams, watch this video report about the Kimbanguist Symphony Orchestra in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

You will draw the necessary strength to achieve your goals.

As this 60 Minutes, CBS News story explains, one man, Armand Diangienda, had a dream. He was a laid-off airline pilot who still lives in war-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo. He simply wanted to start a classical symphony orchestra.

In the eyes of his critics, this Congo native was delusional. This dream was impractical and far-fetched. Why? Because the dreamer had no musical instruments, no music teachers, and worst of all, no musicians. The dreamer couldn’t even read music.

In fact, the dreamer lives in a country considered to be one of the poorest in the world. Violence is rampant. Violins are scarce.

Fast forward. Today, there is a respected, 200-member symphony orchestra in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is the only symphony orchestra in central Africa, the only all-black orchestra on the planet.

Yes, this dreamer achieved his aim. Again, here’s a capsule of the original, excellent report, by Bob Simon of the 60 Minutes show. Take a listen.

Now, what is your top goal? Start working on it today. It is achievable.

Here’s the secret that Armand Diangienda would readily share:

Life will always proffer naysayers. Life will always present obstacles.

What should be your response?

Don’t bow. Don’t budge. Don’t buckle.

Follow Diangienda’s model: He studied; he searched, he knocked on doors. He refused to give up. He achieved his goal.

So can you! Let’s get started.

90’s Music Review: Homebase by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince

Already having achieved notable music success through the previous two albums, “He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper” and “In this Corner….”, and maintaining the popular sitcom, “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince aimed to prove they could still produce hits by with the 1991 release of their third album, “Homebase.” In terms of sales, this album proved successful going certified Double Platinum and receiving an American Music award for the Favorite Hip Hop Album of the 91 year.

“Homebase” is one of the last rap albums with the ‘just want to have fun’ flavor, featuring soul-filled backgrounds and laid-back lyrics, which were very popular in the early 90’s right before gangsta rap became mainstream. With hits “You Saw My Blinker” and “The Things that You Do”, Smith and Towns stick to their guns of success, in making their young audiences laugh and feel good while enjoying their youth.

This album benefited from being released at the height of “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” sitcom, but also from the popular hit “Summertime.” This single features backgrounds samples of the 80’s group Kool and the Gang’s “Summer Madness” with Will Smith vividly describing summertime in his hometown of Philadephia. “Summertime” has become a timeless classic, rising to number 4 on the Billboard100 list and being the number 1 played Rap Single during the year of its release. Today, “Summertime” recieves continous radio play, usually during the spring and summer months of the year. No doubt, this single amazingly made the whole album a success.

While the rest of this album did not leave as impressionable comparisons, “Homebase” does feature other notable samples from previous 80’s and 70’s hits. “Ring my Bell” and “A Dog is a Dog” are offer smooth rap renditions to 70’s singer Anita Ward and her Disco styles. The duo also samples the background sounds of the 80’s singer Rick James‘ “Give It to Me Baby” in the single, “I’m All That.”

What Music Means to Me

When I listen to a song, I don’t just hear music, or even instruments. I hear the emotions. I know this is going to be hard to understand for some, but some of you may understand it right away. When I listen to a song, it can instantly take me back to a time when I listened to that song in the past, and even fill me with an emotion close to the one I had then. Honestly, it’s probably just familiarity that ends up filling me with happiness and peace.

To be music is an important part of life. It’s inspirational, energizing, relaxing and can help you on many occasions in your life. Some people have a different way of seeing the world than others. As an example, just by changing the music I’m listening to, I can change my entire mood. This comes in handy quite often. Right now I’m listening to purely instrumental music and I feel at peace.

How do you feel when you listen to music? I’m going to guess most people listen to music to calm down or to relax. Do you prefer music or television? Personally, I listen to all kinds of music because sticking to one type is a bit close-minded if you have never tried the rest. There are many types of music I enjoy, and each one brings me a bit more peace, although some, such as metal or heavy rock bands like Korn or Slipknot, seem to give me a ton of energy and give me that “I feel like a bad @$$” type thing… even though i know I’m not.

So yeah, I would like to hear how you all feel about music, and what it means to you.

A Night of Musical Splendor

As I watched the evening concert,
The air filled with musical notes.

The sunshine faded away 
Painting a silhouetted skyline 
Of majestic oak trees.

The conductor stood against the shadows. 
He raised his baton to begin a new symphony. 
The thundering sound of the brass instruments 
Sent a wave of chills down my spine.

The violins spoke in such sweet voices. 
The flutes playfully joined along. 
And the harp danced across the heavens, 
Dotting the clouds with harmonious notes.

When the full moon rose in the sky, 
And said good evening to the stars, 
The conductor lifted his baton once more 
In a gesture of pure delight.

The orchestra performed one final number. 
It was uplifting and oh so grand. 
The trumpets and trombones came together, 
To bring music throughout the land. 

Night Music on Ivy Drive

I heard the notes you played,

So I lingered there.

The streetlight’s light around me illuminated

White tree branches against darkest sky.

I imagined the gloss of the piano

From soft lamplight, and

Your strong, slender fingers

Embracing each new measure.

My breath came sweet and soft,

Metered by the music.

I swayed, held the tree,

Pressed trembling arms on rough bark,

Hearing notes racing to crescendo.

I spun into your entryway


Just before ringing every doorbell

To find you.

But I stopped —

Put my hands in my pockets,

And ran childlike away

Piano keys playing my way home.

80’s Music – Depeche Mode

The 80’s was not only a time of colorful clothes, big hair, eclectic style and rubber arm bands but also great music, whether punk rock or pop. One of the most impressive musical treasures that came out of this era was the band Depeche Mode. This mega band was so fierce in the 80’s that they not only were able to continue their career in the 90’s but also managed to make a successful come back recently. But what made this band so admired by fans besides their all so cool appearance was their catchy lyrics and electronic pop style sound.

This English band from Essex was actually formed in the 70’s but only gained phenomenal recognition in the 80’s. The band consisted of band members Dave Gahan who was the lead vocalist, Martin Gore on keyboard, guitar, and vocals and who also was the chief songwriter. On Keyboard were Andrew Fletcher and Vince Clarke. Alan Wilder later replaced Vince Clarke who left the band after their 1981 debut album was released. The band now only consists of 3 members, Dave, Martin and Andrew but their music is still as captivating.

With successful songs like Dreaming of Me, New Life and Just Can’t Get Enough, the band reached top position on the charts. Even their new album, Sounds of the Universe has received awesome reviews and top sales.

A truly influential force this band was and still influences the sounds of groups like Pet Shop boys, Coldplay and Linkin Park. Although in the beginning they were mainly successful in the UK, their tunes have traveled world wide resulting in them selling over 75 million albums across the globe. Their sound continuous to attract many listeners and because of the bands re-entry into the music world they appeal to both young and old.