Another Young Musician

Istvan Medgyesi is a local musician near the town I grew up in. A friend of his introduced me to him via Facebook and told me I had to interview this guy and see what he is about!

Growing up in an “electric music tasting” family Istvan began to play the guitar at the age of 14.

Influenced at a young age by a many different things, people, he has encountered in his life he states, “many people and factors have influenced my musical style. I have always loved a wide variety of music, so I gather what I like from each style and try to put my own spin on it. Lately, I’ve been studying Hindustani Classical Music and working to apply some of the principles to guitar and banjo.”

Playing all kinds of music, he is solo at this point in his music career but has played with bands in the past.

“Right now, I’m playing with my buddy Shawn Brewster’s band Oldboy, based out of Cleveland, whenever we’re out that way. I sit in with a few other bands for recording and gigging from time to time.” Istvan said.¬†
Often plays at Clubs, bars, festivals, coffeehouses, art spaces and galleries, benefits, colleges, parties, he is very open to new experiences, like any true musician would be.

Local recognition has allowed him to play out all the time and do a small East Coast/Midwest Tour this spring &summer.;

Please check out this upcoming new local legend!

You can check out some of his music (and that of some of his good friends) and show dates @

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