About Acid Dad

30 years of going to festivals, gigs and concerts everywhere in the world are behind the pages of this blog. I am the Acid Dad, I am kind of old now if you ask one of the teenagers listening to Trap these days. Indeed, I attended my first Acid party back in the ’90s in Liverpool, but I followed any kind of promising music that appeared in the last decades. I liked to travel the world as a street artist and impressed many couples with my love guitar songs. 

I am so sad that we cannot go to concerts to see our favorite bands, but many artists realised the Covid pandemic is not the end of the world. On the contrary, it is the time for new artists to produce pieces alone, and to get them out there using a free streaming platform. The world of internet is definitely a huge boost for music, and I am happy to be one to write about new and old music in the pages of this blog.