A Night of Musical Splendor

As I watched the evening concert,
The air filled with musical notes.

The sunshine faded away 
Painting a silhouetted skyline 
Of majestic oak trees.

The conductor stood against the shadows. 
He raised his baton to begin a new symphony. 
The thundering sound of the brass instruments 
Sent a wave of chills down my spine.

The violins spoke in such sweet voices. 
The flutes playfully joined along. 
And the harp danced across the heavens, 
Dotting the clouds with harmonious notes.

When the full moon rose in the sky, 
And said good evening to the stars, 
The conductor lifted his baton once more 
In a gesture of pure delight.

The orchestra performed one final number. 
It was uplifting and oh so grand. 
The trumpets and trombones came together, 
To bring music throughout the land. 

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