80’s Music – Depeche Mode

The 80’s was not only a time of colorful clothes, big hair, eclectic style and rubber arm bands but also great music, whether punk rock or pop. One of the most impressive musical treasures that came out of this era was the band Depeche Mode. This mega band was so fierce in the 80’s that they not only were able to continue their career in the 90’s but also managed to make a successful come back recently. But what made this band so admired by fans besides their all so cool appearance was their catchy lyrics and electronic pop style sound.

This English band from Essex was actually formed in the 70’s but only gained phenomenal recognition in the 80’s. The band consisted of band members Dave Gahan who was the lead vocalist, Martin Gore on keyboard, guitar, and vocals and who also was the chief songwriter. On Keyboard were Andrew Fletcher and Vince Clarke. Alan Wilder later replaced Vince Clarke who left the band after their 1981 debut album was released. The band now only consists of 3 members, Dave, Martin and Andrew but their music is still as captivating.

With successful songs like Dreaming of Me, New Life and Just Can’t Get Enough, the band reached top position on the charts. Even their new album, Sounds of the Universe has received awesome reviews and top sales.

A truly influential force this band was and still influences the sounds of groups like Pet Shop boys, Coldplay and Linkin Park. Although in the beginning they were mainly successful in the UK, their tunes have traveled world wide resulting in them selling over 75 million albums across the globe. Their sound continuous to attract many listeners and because of the bands re-entry into the music world they appeal to both young and old.

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