4 Easy Ways to Make Music a Part of Your Classroom

So many teachers want to integrate music into their teaching. But they just don’t know how. Or they think it will be too difficult and time consuming. It can be really simple. These are four ways that I’ve used to make music a part of my classroom.

1. Teaching Songs- 
There are all sorts of songs that you can use to teach. Some teaching songs are based on simple tunes that students already know, like “The Wheels on the Bus” or “Three Blind Mice”. Mailbox Magazine is a great place to look for these. The other kind are original songs, written by people like Dr. Jean. You can use them to teach anything from the alphabet to synonyms and antonyms to forms of matter. It is extremely easy to find these tunes. And you can write your own songs, too.

2. Get Up And Dance!- 
When you have a few minutes, put on an upbeat song. Have your students get out their wiggles by dancing. If you want, you can even teach them line dances or other choreographed dances. This is a great way for your kids to get out some energy and have a good time. Plus, even teachers can join in the fun!

3. Transition Tunes- 
A quick and simple song can let your students know when it’s time to transition to a new subject. Whether you need your students to clean up or move to a new location, a recognizable tune can do the trick. It can have words about circle time or cleaning up. Dr. Jean has some great songs for transitions. But you could also use a short, simple tune as a signal. What an easy way to tell your students it’s time for a change!

4. Mood Music- 
When your students are working, reading independently or in centers, play some music. It’s that simple. Classical music is great for this purpose, but any type will work. It can help your students relax and keep them on task. Background music is an easy way to get a little music in your room.

Now, go try it!

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